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We know what you need to know to succeed! 

Our Classes

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Professional Modeling 

  • Over 20 Different Types of Modeling

  • Runway Skills & Techniques

  • Photographic Workshop

  • Casting Calls

  • Fashion Shows/Fittings/Rehearsals

  • Industry Study

  • Preparing Your Script

  • Character Development

  • Cold Read & Monologues

  • Auditioning Skills & Techniques

  • Triggers & Transitions

  • Industry Study

Acting for Film & Television

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Personal Development

  • Mental Wellness & Enrichment

  • Nutrition & Mindful Movement

  • Holistic Approach to Wellness

  • Social Etiquette

  • Social Media Awareness & Etiquette

  • Attending Social Events

  • Table Manners

Professional Etiquette

  • Preparation for any situation

  • Professional Attire

  • Marketing Yourself

  • Resumes for every industry

  • Interview Skills

  • Business Headshots

  • Promotional Packets

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And so much more!!!

Contact us today and start dreaming out loud!

From Our Students...

"Auditioning for EXCEL literally changed my life! After they gave me a scholarship and took me to IMTA in NYC, I went on to do film, tv, theater and am still making a living as a performer.  Can’t thank them enough for the start!"


As seen in many Broadway Plays as well as
Associate Director of The Wiz!

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